• The Secret to Selling in a Crisis

    I’m asked for sales advice dozens of times a day. Questions come from clients, friends running their businesses and/or sales teams and, often, from complete strangers who have become aware of me on LinkedIn. This particular question comes up a lot lately, and in a sales context means: How do we even sell in this current market?

  • The Perfect Discovery Call

    In sales, we do more discovery calls than any other touch point, so mastering these are critical and can make/break your success in sales. Read on for a terrible dating story and for tips to make yours a success each time.

  • LinkedIn Recommendations – Ugh, Do I Have To?

    One of the most consistent questions I get is, “Should our teams, lawyers, brokers, reps, leaders, accountants, consultants, marketers have recommendations on LinkedIn? Does this really matter?”

    Short answer, yes. Long answer, here’s a write up on why they matter, how to methodically ask for them and what yours should say.

  • Four Tips to go from Quota-Crushing IC to Leadership

    I presented at Susan Freeman, M.A. Communication [she/her]‘s fantastic women’s conference last week, which had so much wonderful content. In response to questions received post-conference, I put together the four core points I made, detailed below!

  • Top Ten Tips for Email Templates

    I get this question at least daily – my prospecting emails are terrible, what can I do to make them better?

    I threw together my top ten tips for great emails; this will give you the structure you need to change up your existing campaigns and start to see positive results.

  • My Rules of Three for Busy Executives

    With all the demands for our attention, how do we keep a balance to accomplish what needs to be done while protecting the time we do have in the office? Here are three tricks I use to keep it all (somewhat) in line.