Always Deliver An Exceptional Experience That Your Clients Would Never Expect

“Every single engagement you have with your client is an opportunity to reinforce your brand, for better or for worse.”

– Sam McKenna
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Exceptional client service is at the core of the #samsales culture, the sales methodology and the belief system. But, how does one define what the experience looks like? Here are a few examples of what we believe to be true in sales and in working with our clients.

Be a Gracious Loser

You won’t always win the deal and it’s how you behave afterwards that matters.

The Urgent Bird Gets the Worm

Time kills deals – responsiveness and follow through on your commitments is everything.

Give First

We donate a minimum of three hours a week to individuals and causes hoping to succeed but without the financial means to do so.

Do the Unexpected

Send thank you notes – in general and when you lose the deal. Donate to a food bank on behalf of your clients before virtual lunch meetings. Be a connector and introduce your clients to one another!

Give More Than Is Expected. Always.

We have one job in sales

To solve your problem directly or find someone who can.