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    Three Game Changing #samsales Tactics You Can Start Using Today

    The Sales Assembly  ● #Sales

    The Sales Assembly REVENUE RUNDOWN brings together our industry’s top thought leaders who’ll be sharing their #1 strategy for how individuals and organizations alike can close out 2020 with a bang, and in a way that sets 2021 up to be their best year ever.  Join us on November, 13th at 1:10 CST for Sam McKenna’s, “Three Game Changing #samsales Tactics You can Start Using Today.”

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    Breaking Through the Noise – Build Messaging that Actually Drives Pipeline

    Modern Sales Pro ● #Sales

    Modern Sales Pro is bringing the revenue leadership community together for four days of 2021 Planning content. There will be learning, educating, networking, and lots of 80’s puns.  Sam will be discussing developing effective messaging (where to start, how do you know what works?), alignment with marketing & the feedback loop, and how do you train your reps on it!

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    Revenue Collective: Enterprise Sales Leadership: Perception v. Reality

    “Enterprise Sales” is a big buzz word and most companies and leaders struggle to build the right processes and strategies to move successfully upmarket. The panel will dive into the perception vs the reality of what it takes to build a successful revenue engine in Enterprise.

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    NO BS: Enterprise Selling

    Modern Sales Pros ● #Sales

    What is enterprise selling and how do you get great at it? With a longer sales process and more people involved in the buying journey, what are the first principles and best practices to make a 7-figure deal?  Join Sam to learn what it takes to make big deals happen!

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    Modern Sales Pros – No BS: Enterprise Selling

    Modern Sales Pros ● #Leadership, #Sales

    What is enterprise selling and how do you get great at it? With a longer sales process and more people involved in the buying journey, what are the first principles and best practices to make a 7-figure deal?

    Join this NO BS conversation with 3 seasoned enterprise sales leaders on what it takes to make big deals happen! We’ll see you there!

    *Be sure to register with your most pressing questions for our panel and we’ll be sure to answer them during this live event!

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    Are Your Discovery Calls As Bad As Your Online Dating Results?

    National Association of Sales Professionals ● #Sales

    Learn from Samantha McKenna, founder of #samsales, the perfect formula of how to transform your boring and robotic discovery calls into relationship-building opportunities that grow into customers, future customers and/or raving fans who will recommend, refer and advertise freely for you.

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    Becoming an Entrepreneur – Blueprint Across America Podcast

    Blueprint Across America ● #Leadership

    Krissy Manzano speaks with Sam McKenna, founder of #SamSales, about her journey into founding a business, touching on topics ranging from being a gracious loser and the often overlooked importance of time management skills to success in business.

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    Building (& Scaling) a Repeatable B2B Sales Process

    Sales Hacker ● #Sales

    Before your startup even thinks of “stepping-on-the-gas” and scaling into an exit or IPO, you NEED to test & verify the hidden assumptions in your early outbound sales process.

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    A Masterclass In Modern Sales – Success Story Podcast

    Success Story Podcast ● #Sales

    This Success Story Podcast with Scott Clary is a masterclass in modern sales.

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    Sales Experts Panel – Innovation Rodeo

    Innovation Rodeo ● #Sales

    THE event for problem solvers, innovators, entrepreneurs, change makers, investors, and ecosystem builders!

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    Leveraging Current Systems to Set Your MQLs on Fire

    Sales Assembly Virtual Roadshow ● #Sales

    Throughout 4 days we’ll be hosting 7 virtual events for sales and revenue leaders in the following cities: NYC, Boston, Austin, Denver, LA, SF and Seattle. Everything will revolve around how tech companies, in 2020, can be taking the right actions to scale their company in the exact right ways.

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    Next Level Sales Leadership Virtual Summit

    Next Level Sales Leadership Virtual Summit ● #Leadership, #Sales

    For new and upcoming sales leaders seeking to be effective as managers, grow their business, and be successful

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    Women Sales Leaders Collective

    Sales Assembly's Women Sales Leaders Collectives ● #Leadership, #Sales

    Attendees are provided the opportunity to connect with their peers, collaborate with one another and share ideas and discuss sales strategy/ideas/experiences.

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    Pivot Your B2B BizDev

    ID Agent Kaseya ● #Sales

    Elevate & Align Your Marketing & Sales with Demand Gen, LinkedIn, Killer Content, and more!

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    Capacity Planning Through Uncertainty

    Modern Sales Pros ● #Sales

    Moderators available LIVE to discuss and answer all your questions about capacity planning now until the end of the year and best practices around hiring.

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    Top Ten Ways To Win in Sales

    Unleash Virtual Summit ● #Sales

    Join Samantha McKenna as she dives into her widely followed top #samsales tips and hacks, sharing everything from the best thing to do when you lose a deal, tactics for outbound messaging and why urgency trumps all in sales.

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    Wonder Women in Business, Sam McKenna – Freeman Means Business

    Wonder Women in Business ● #Leadership

    “Wonder Women in Business” is a podcast hosted by Susan Freeman that serves to raise awareness about the great things incredible women in business are doing to serve others.

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    Tips for Getting Your Stuff Done

    DemandGen Radio ● #Leadership, #LinkedIn, #Sales

    David Lewis, CEO of DemandGen shares B2B marketing methods and technologies for driving growth.

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    Sales Is King – The Dan Sixsmith Podcast

    The Dan Sixsmith Podcast ● #Sales

    Sales reps are facing a crossroads. The Digital Economy has empowered buyers and forced sales reps to change the way they sell.

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    Turning the Heat Up on Cold Prospecting with Samantha McKenna

    Cracking Local ● #Sales

    When it comes to sales prospecting and social selling it’s beginning to feel like good old fashioned email is in the midst of a late career renaissance.