Samantha McKenna is an award-winning sales leader with more than a dozen years of experience in sales and leadership. She has advised over 100 organizations and has also led global sales teams, including LinkedIn and ON24. Sam was named a Top 50 Women in Revenue by SalesHacker, a Top 50 sales leader by and currently serves as a brand ambassador for LinkedIn.

Sam is the founder of the #samsales, which publishes sales hacks and best practices, and has north of 10,000 followers. She speaks globally on the topics of women insales/tech/leadership, and also on #samsales tactics.

Sales, Marketing + Executive Coaching

The sessions below that note coaching are ideal for one-on-one environments, while the remaining sessions are ideal in either one-on-one or group sessions.

  • Sales best practices coaching – deep dive into individual’s business and sales habits, covering all aspects of sales cycle
  • Sales coaching – full life cycle of sales – prospecting, messaging, effective nurturing, discovery calls, demos, art of mapping ICPs/your territory, etc.
  • Marketing – messaging, Navigator demand gen process, webinar expert, event tactics
  • Executive coaching – working side-by-side with new and tenured leaders; analysis of current state of employee; goal-setting execution
  • Messaging workshop – review of outbound sales messaging for net new or expansionbusiness to craft better campaigns that drive results
  • Top ten #samsales hacks – smart sales tips and how to deploy them effectively
  • Anatomy of the Deal – learn how to go from new account to closed deal, the #samsales way
  • Anatomy of Social Selling and Modern Sales Practices
  • Full life cycle of recruiting – job requisition, sourcing, interviewing, recommendation, comp plan design

LinkedIn Coaching

LinkedIn Profile

  • Creating a profile that effectively represents your organization’s brand
  • Building your connections
  • How to connect but not sell immediately
  • Understanding recommendations, honors/awards and publications
  • Methodology for building your recommendations

LinkedIn Content strategy

  • How, when and what to post
  • Engaging with LinkedIn content
  • When to use company/individual tagging
  • #samsales LinkedIn content hacks
  • LinkedIn algorithm – secrets from inside the walls of LinkedIn

Personal Branding – how to create your own personal brand inside your company and on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Navigator

  • TeamLink Extend – who knows who and why it matters
  • Building Saved Searches + leveraging for sales
  • Search and Connections Hacks
  • List building
  • News feed + alerts
  • Track exclusively for marketers on using Navigator for demand generation

Executive branding on LinkedIn – connecting to clients, promoting thought leadership

Modern Digital Selling – Deep dive into the tangible processes sales reps at any level can use to attract the attention of prospects, utilize data and intelligence to stay top of mind with those prospects and ultimately speed up the cycle of each deal.