Wonder Women in Business, Sam McKenna – Freeman Means Business



“Wonder Women in Business” is a podcast hosted by Susan Freeman that serves to raise awareness about the great things incredible women in business are doing to serve others.


Samantha McKenna is the founder of #samsales Consulting, former head of LinkedIn Sales Solutions, Enterprise, NYC, and VP of Sales at ON24.  She is an award-winning leader, who has broken over a dozen sales records across three different companies, created seven global sales programs for culture, training and onboarding, and has been named a Top 50 Leader by Outreach.io, and Top 50 Women in Revenue by Engagio.io.  She has been an individual contributor and executive in sales for the last 12 years and has spoken globally on the topics of sales, leadership and technology.

Overly enthusiastic, speaker, fulfilled by helping others succeed, strategic thinker, volunteer to support financial literacy, dog lover, Swiss Miss, die hard competitor, writer, Barefoot Contessa fan, former Nickelodeon game show contestant, OrangeTheory devotee, wanderlust’er, podcaster, extrovert, voracious reader, self-deprecating humor expert and willing to walk through fire to make you laugh.


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