Turning the Heat Up on Cold Prospecting with Samantha McKenna



When it comes to sales prospecting and social selling it’s beginning to feel like good old fashioned email is in the midst of a late career renaissance. While those of us in the industry trend towards getting all abuzz over the newest flavour of the month, email has been like the Tim Duncan of digital marketing tools. Everyday quietly going to work, lunchpail in hand, bringing home championships.

This is especially true for sales teams using email as a cold prospecting tool. When you are trying to start a conversation with a prospect, the ubiquity and capacity for personalization that email offers is unmatched. Of course, email is just a tool, and a tool is only as good as the person that yields it. Prospecting is still considered one of the biggest challenges salespeople face, and with people averaging 88 emails a day, the question is how can salespeople get the most out of their cold prospecting?

I’m glad you asked.