Sales Experts Panel – Innovation Rodeo



THE event for problem solvers, innovators, entrepreneurs, change makers, investors and ecoysystem builders! This year’s 5th annual Innovation Rodeo is virtual, GIVES AWAY ALL THE REGISTRATION FEES from the event, and has:

  • Five keynote speeches on how to start, scale and exit a business.
  • 15 of the world’s best sales experts from the United States and Canada on sales panels and in ask me anything sessions
  • Each day is designed to solve the most common problems encountered when creating, starting, growing and exiting a company.

Throughout the week participants will learn of new tools, exchange ideas, and share connections while developing the relationships, skills, and confidence needed to create and commercialize ideas faster.


World-class sales experts will share their best sales tools, preferred sales techniques and favourite sales tips that show how participants can take their businesses to the next level. This program focuses on how company founders can make early sales with sales experts.