#samsales BDR

Business Development Reps are one of the highest cost centers for organizations, particularly when they are on staff as employees. To add to that, many organizations struggle with if they even are managing their BDR system correctly—from messaging, to target accounts, to the right touches and cadences—it can be extremely difficult to get right.

Enter in #samsales BDRs


Our team is typically staffed with military and expat spouses, or former powerhouse sales reps that have pursued alternative careers (comedians, artists, professors). Each individual has impeccable writing skills and many carry advanced degrees from top universities. By employing military spouses, it also means our team is often well-traveled, speaks multiple languages and has a diverse, resourceful background that let’s them connect with your prospects in unique ways. And what does that lead to? More meetings and an exceptional experience for every prospect with which we connect.


Each BDR follows the #samsales methodology, which has led to results such as three meetings booked with CMOs in the first week, responses from heads of business lines at the likes of McKesson, SFDC, and Schneider Electric, and as high as a 95% open rate on emails.


Your BDR team will be fully managed by #samsales Consulting and will be trained in our methodologies. While tackling your top targets, these methods and training will also be available to your sales team, making their efforts infinitely more effective.

Why #samsales BDR


Our BDRs don’t know how to write emails that get responses


Our team follows the proven #samsales methodology on how to attract responses from even the most challenging prospects.


We don’t know if our sales messaging is written effectively


As part of this partnership, Samantha McKenna works with your sales and marketing leaders to re-write your sales messaging and sequences.


Our AEs don’t focus enough on prospecting because they wear too many hats in our small organization


Our team of BDRs can, even temporarily, fill the gap in prospecting and tee up meetings for you with key prospects in any size account.